Waiting for You

Original Title
Seni Çok Bekledim
42 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

The enchanting love story of Kadir and Ayliz draws viewers on a gripping journey involving a deadly earthquake, a family’s break-up and fateful reunion, leaving the two lovers to overcome dramatic challenges to their blossoming romance.

Kadir and Ayliz are destined to become entwined in an enchanting love story, interspersed with family suffering, and rooted in a deadly earthquake in eastern Turkey decades ago. Kadir’s mother Mihre is giving birth to a second son when the quake strikes, and the family is ripped apart when she is taken to Istanbul.

The confusion in her life deepens when she is tricked into believing that Erol,  born to another woman, is actually her son. When she marries again, Kadir turns his back on her and flees to Doha. There, years later, he meets and becomes romantically attached to Ayliz, unaware that she is Erol’s twin.

When the truth about Erol emerges, Kadir is called back to Istanbul and a dispute ensues in which his grandfather dies. As the family grieves, Kadir is astonished to see Ayliz at the funeral. When she then cancels her wedding, Kadir’s belief in fate is reinforced and they are drawn closer together.

The emotionally fraught web woven around their relationship is complicated further by the appearance of Selahattin, Mihre’s real second son. As they come to terms with the astonishing truth, Kadir takes on the burden of bringing order to the family and overcoming challenges to his love for Ayliz.