Original Title
Bodrum Masalı
113 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

How are we going to live here?

A rich Istanbul family which loses its fortune to greed must build a modest new life in Bodrum, where they must all learn to ride the waves of love, ambition and deception that swirl around this Aegean peninsula.

Extremely rich and ambitious, Evren Ergüven owns a chain of hotels across Turkey and provides a life of luxury to his family in Istanbul. They live in opulence, the magnate’s children go to elite schools, his wife enjoys managing charities. The world is at his feet. Until the day he succumbs to his greed. All his wealth is lost in a disastrous investment one night.

Their lives turned upside down by bankruptcy, the Ergüven family must make a fresh start in Bodrum, where they own half of a modest hotel. They will now see the resort where they once enjoyed luxurious vacations in a different light as they struggle to build a new life without the trappings of wealth.

The hotel is full of memories. It is where Evren worked in his youth and belonged to Yıldız’s father, before he died, leaving the property to her and Faryalı. This mean nothing to Evren, who secretly plans to sell the hotel. Hatching a plan to rebuild his wealth, he will risk losing Yıldız and going to prison. Yıldız, meanwhile, wants to keep the hotel and protect the legacy of her father.

Adjusting to these poorer circumstances is toughest for the two Ergüven children, Ateş and Su, as they leave behind the only lives they know among the super-rich of Istanbul. Back in the city, Ates, in his last school year, is in love with Alara. His sister Su, a violin student, loves Cenk.

In Bodrum, they will face a long and painful path. But as time passes they will rise to the challenge and find that love can blossom here too. They start to understand that love is more important than money. Ateş attracts the love of Aslı, while Kelebek falls in love with Su.

The children’s romances are echoed in the love lives of their parents. Before Yıldız met Evren, the joint hotel owner Faryalı was her lover. As far as Evren is concerned, Yıldız has never forgotten him. Now Evren will seek to keep them apart and use their pasts against them.

Another threat to family happiness is Evren’s mistress, Gözde, who moves in nearby and pressures him to get rich quickly. As each of them discovers the secrets lurking within the family, they will all carve out new lives far from the luxurious world they knew in Istanbul.

The resort city of Bodrum known to millions of tourists from around the world will begin to take on a new identity as everyone embraces the new life. They will learn that a good heart, loyalty and honesty are worth more than anything money can buy. But they must also resist falling for the temptations of their past wealthy lives.