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When a Man Loves

Original Title
Erkek Severse
26x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

When a Man Loves” tells the enthralling love story of the passionate and beautiful Zeynep and charismatic businessman Kenan, and the rivals who threaten to doom their romance with a web of deception and lies.

The spellbinding love story of the passionate and  beautiful Zeynep and charismatic businessman Kenan is told in “When a Man Loves”. Their romantic tale is complicated by the reappearance of her cheating ex-husband, as well as a powerful rival for Kenan’s affections, who threaten to spoil their happy ending.

After her husband Oktay leaves her for another woman, Zeynep is left alone to raise their two sons. Her life is transformed when she meets Kenan, successful owner of a top shopping website. He has always distrusted women, suspicious of their intentions, and has never opened his heart. But Zeynep changes all that.

Their path to love is thorny and tangled. One obstacle comes in the formidable shape of Yelda, the difficult owner of the company where Zeynep works. Yelda is used to getting what she wants and, after going into business with Kenan, she is now determined to make him her lover, even through trickery and deception.

But Oktay is another threat to Zeynep and Kenan’s happiness While Oktay is now in another relationship, his attitude changes when he learns of Zeynep's new lover. Mad with jealousy, he will do anything to win her back, even if it means lying, plotting and using their children.