Auction Queens

Fashion Duration
Weekly, Prime Time

Websites offering people the possibility to sell at auction second-hand fashion clothes and accessories are booming! Even the classic auction houses surf on this trend with vintage fashion auctions. «AUCTION QUEENS » brings this phenomenon to TV!

People come on the set to sell at auction women’s clothes or accessories carefully pre-selected by the production.

The items offered on the show are varied, sometimes from very prestigious brands, but always with a very low starting bid!

The expert evaluates the condition and quality of the item in order to give a value to the item. « This handbag of a luxury brand is quite sought after and trendy. Yours is a bit aged. The leather is a little scratched in places. I will now show you my evaluation and I will give it to you under seal ». This evaluation price will only be revealed to the viewers at the end of the sale.

During this talk, the expert also gives advice to the viewers to maintain, repair or customize certain items. The owner then joins the auction room, where the auctioneer, the crier and about 40 potential buyers are waiting for her.

The auction begins: "A bag by Christian Dior, starting bid €50!" announces the auctioneer. If no one bids, the auctioneer may lower the starting bid. But the bag is a hit and its price flies! During the whole sale, interviews of all the protagonists punctuate the auction.