Dream Houses

Game Show
Daily or Weekly Access Prime Time or Prime time


Real estate become a game show where you can win big by visiting and guessing the price of 2 awesome dream houses in each episode!

For each property, if a couple guesses the exact price, they will win the JACKPOT, which starts at 50,000€ and increases by 5,000€ per episode until it is won!

In each episode, 3 pairs of contestants compete in the first dream house of the day.

The couple who will estimate the price of the property the less precisely will be eliminated.

The other 2 couples will visit and estimate the second dream house of the day!

The couple who will estimate the price of the property the most precisely will win 1,000€ and come back in the next episode as CHAMPION to keep raising their prize pool!

In each property, the contestants can win two clues by playing two games.

For each game, they have to estimate the price of an item or an equipment of the house. It can be original items or surprising gadgets to estimate, but also house equipments, like a kitchen, a gym, a spa area or a home theater.

For each game, the couple who gives the most precise estimation wins a precious clue about the property’s price to guess (for example: this dream house is worth between 2 and 2.3 million euros).