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Forgive Me

180 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

"Forgive Me" tells the compelling story of two courageous brothers who must overcome rivalries, vengeful plots and dark secrets that threaten their powerful family if they are to be united with the women they love.

Forgive Me" tells the compelling story of the powerful Numan family and the rivalries which prevent two brothers finding true love. Elder brother Cemal adores Feride, but their romance is thwarted by the scheming Samar, who secretly plots to destroy the Numans in the belief that they killed her family.

Samar succeeds in working her way into Cemal’s heart and ruining Feride’s life, unaware she is actually the sister she has sought for years. But she has also hired a hitman to kill Cemal’s father and must put her own life at risk to prevent the assassination when they are set to marry.

Younger brother Kemal meanwhile falls in love with Ruwaida and moves to her poor neighborhood to get close to her. As they prepare to wed, Ruwaida’s mother is hurt in an accident and Kemal’s former lover forces her to give him up as the price for paying the hospital bills.

The Numan family finds itself torn in conflicting directions as the two sons seek love, but are at risk of becoming victims of those plotting around them. To find happiness and protect their family they will need to stay one step ahead of their rivals.