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Golden Cage

Original Title
51x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV

“Golden Cage” tells the powerful story of two families entwined by a volatile mix of love and enmity that risks exploding into a blood feud when Bedir kills his close friend Ahmet. When he emerges from prison 15 years later, the scene is set for a showdown fueled by passion and anger.

While Ahmet’s hot-headed son Okkes seeks revenge, his older brother Kenan is determined to prevent bloodshed. But his task becomes tougher when Bedir’s son Muslum and Ahmet’s daughter Nefise, secretly in love since high school, decide to flee, realizing that their families will not allow them to get married.

Okkes and his men arm themselves and go in search of Muslum, determined to inflict bloody punishment. When this fails, Okkes devises a sinister plot, kidnapping Bedir’s daughter Zuluf and throwing her into a remote well. He vows to leave her to die there unless Nefise comes back home.

To prevent a vendetta, the family elders decree that Nefise may marry Muslum if Zuluf marries Kenan. Though this marriage of formality is at first a source of torment for Zuluf, she is destined to fall in love. However, their lives are set to become even more turbulent as their hidden secrets are revealed one by one.