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112 x 1 Commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time


Zeynep’s life is destroyed by her daughter Elif’s kidnapping, but aided by the detective Sinan she launches a tumultuous search that turns her family upside down, profoundly transforming her and all those involved.

Zeynep’s happy life with her husband Ahmet and two children is destroyed when their daughter Elif is kidnapped at a gas station. For the next five years she focuses solely on finding Elif, and her marriage collapses on discovering Ahmet’s affair with her best friend Meltem.

Shortly before the kidnapping, Meltem’s former husband Zeki is released from jail and angered to discover her closeness to Ahmet. Zeki kidnaps Elif in revenge. He leaves her with his friend’s sister, Arzu. But before he can taunt Ahmet with what he has done, Zeki dies in a car crash.

As her hope runs out, Zeynep climbs a skyscraper and phone broadcasts a threat to jump unless somebody reveals Elif’s whereabouts. When a man named Sabri claims to have Elif, Zeynep is so relieved that she lets herself believe the girl, now named Sude, is her daughter despite the doubts of her friend and detective Sinan.

In truth, the dying Sabri lied so Sude would not be orphaned. Sinan, who adores Zeynep, cannot bear her self-delusion and succeeds in finding the real Elif. As the two daughters confront reality and Zeynep finds love with Sinan, all involved in this complex web have a chance to atone for past mistakes.