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Who Knows Best

Family Game Show
Daily, Daytime

"Who knows him better: his wife or his mother?
This game tests how well wives know their husbands, but there is a twist: they will go against someone who knows their husband better than anyone else... His mother!

WHO KNOWS BEST is a family game show where wives and their mother-in-laws go head to head! The object of the game is to score points by matching answers and determine how well they know him.

The game is played with 3 teams of 3: the husband, the wife and the mother of the husband and these teams compete against each other over four rounds to try to get the big prize. On the 1st round, the mother and the wife will try to finish the rest of a sentence started by the husband, who makes 3 statements about himself, his wife and his mother. On the 2nd round, the mother and the wife are asked a hypothetical question, that is previously answered by the man. The questions are situationally hypothetcial such as: what would be the one thing your wife would grab if your house was on fire? Each correct guess brings 10 points to the team. On the 3rd round, the husbands reveal some strange facts about themselves, and their wife and mother will recognize whether this is true or false. Again, each correct guess brings another 10 points to the team. On the 4th and the final round, a series of 7 questions with 2 choices are asked, such as “spring or summer? Sweet or savory? Beach holiday or ski holiday?” each question is worth 10 points but this time, any wrong guess costs 5 points. The team with the highest score at the end of this round takes the big prize home!